Why does he always talk about other girls?

I've been dating this guy for two months and and he is really sweet & he texts me all the time. He is pretty insecure though. & he has lots of female friends.

Sometimes (usally just when texting) he brings up other girls that were friends with. Like, "haha, *** would think thats funny' or 'i love ***' or mention a time they hung out together (he hangs out with just one of these girls, who is gay but I dont know if he knows that).

He does it so much that its getting annoying. We will have like one or two days of just really nice texting and then the next day he will be like talking about these other girls all the time.

My friend reckons he's trying to make me jealous. But maybe he's trying to show me he has other options or something? like that im not really that important to him? I dunno, this is how it makes me feel sometimes :(


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  • Yes he is trying to get your attention by doing this. He wants a validation from your reaction and if it's work, he can assume that you like him enough.


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  • Well, that depends.. Is he mostly friends with just girls? That would explain it because you tend to talk about your friends with your SO, and if most of them are girls, he would obviously talk about them.


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