Is he still interested in me?

when we met first time 2 months ago, we like each other a lot, but I was just broke up so I always got drunk and wasted, he tried to prevent me from drinking but I didn't care, so he then kept distance with me. I explained my behavior and he understood it, he gave me advice but at that time I was too sad, so I didn't listen. After he noticed that I cannot forget about my past so he kept distance, then I explained my behavior for several times again. I'm afraid he's already doubt about what I say.

last week I sent some stuff back to him by mail because I never had the chance to see him for 2 months, After a month we didn't talk, finally Isend him a text to ask if he received the mail or not, and we chit-chatted a little. We asked each other how's everything going, he used a lot of red smily faces and seems cares about, but when I made the conversation a little bit deeper, he stopped texting me..

guys and gals I really want to ask your opinion, what do you think he thinks of me? Do you think he still likes me? Thank you sooo muchhh


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  • Why asking the same question again?

    • As you have heard from numerous people as I've seen this post a lot... he's not still interested, you contacted him after a month of silence, he engaged in small talk probably cause he felt it was polite since you did call about the mail. This is a case of someone who has no romantic interest anymore and it's due to your choice to self destruct over and ex... so it's time for you to move on... you don't sound mentally stable.

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