A girl I liked, she is straggling to graduate and looking for a job, and suffering from a broke up, should I like her?

We were almost together, but she were sad so it made me sad. But we really liked each other. But she can't forget about her past (her ex, she broke up not long ago). She claimed that she liked me but she always got drunk because of missing her ex. I tried not to contact her and tried to forget about her because she seems can't make up her mind. Did I do the right thing?


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  • if you can't figure out whether you should like her or not, maybe you don't really like her that much in the first place.

    • I did like her. She sends me messages sometimes, but we didn't see for several months already.. what would you do in this case? will you reply her messages?

    • i'd reply her but treat her just as a friend and move on with my life. there are many girls out there who might be more suitable ya know, life's too short to be strung along by a girl who doesn't seem to know what she wants.

    • Yeah I thought the same, that's why I didn't contact her. But several weeks later after we didn't contact, she suddenly contact me again and seems still interested. Should I be with her?

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