Did I over do this morning text?

If you got this...

"Rise and shine! Smash it today and mesmerise the clients like you do with your eyes when we catch each other. Also don't forget your umbrella again :p'

She wasn't feeling too well the night before; turns out a family member passed away. She did not tell me about it. She's got her walls and in a sense, we don't actually know where we both stand but we're trying to work it out slowly.

So thing is, she has not replied to me since. So did I over do the message and sounded corny? (In the past she goes funny when I've complimented her). Or should I give her space for the time being and touch base a bit down the track.
  • Soooo corny the farmers fields of corns have grown
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  • Nah, she just needs some space for the time being
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  • It may be corny as fuck, but it's not something to get prissy over, of course she's gonna need some wallowing time with a family death


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  • I chuckled at the first part :p

    I dont think you over did it.
    You two are pretty close right? I think it's fine.


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