What do you think about this gir? Interested, now not interested?

Ok so I met this girl on POF and we hit it off really good. We had some things in common and even found out that we had a mutual friend. We had convos over text messages for about a week, she friend requested me on FB and once she found out that I am in the golf business she said "you may have to show me how to play." So I took that as a pretty good sign that she at least wanted to get together sometime. We went out on a first date a few days later. We had dinner then went to a minor league baseball game and then went and had a drink or two afterwards. Everything went great. She seemed to be smiling and laughing quite often and on the way back she told me she had a great time and that she hoped we could meet up again soon. So the next few days I kept in touch asking how her days have been going and we texted back and forth a bit more. Now for the last 3 days or so we haven't talked hardly at all. I asked her how she was one night and didn't get a response so I didn't text her at all the next day. Tried again last night and the only thing she sent back was "Hey! Sorry I have been busy. Everything has been good though." She does work but she told me that it's no problem to text while she is working. So what do you guys and girls think? Am I losing her interest or do you think she really could be busy? Should I call her? Should I ask her if she wants to go out again?
Ok a little update... I finally I couldn't take it any longer. I nicely asked her what was going on and explained to her why I was a little confused. She finally opened up and told me that she just got out of a relationship 2 months ago and that she thought she was ready to date again, but is still having a hard time. She said she just needs some time to cope with everything that's going on right now. Do you guys think this is a legit reason? If so what should I do? I kind of like this girl.


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  • Ask her, but if she comes up with an excuse and no backup plan ("I can't on Friday , but I'm free on Saturday ") I'd move on. I'd normally say move on now but her last text to you is really 50/50 since she said it was still good.

    Be aware since you have only been on one date and it is a dating site, she is probably shopping around a little. No rules broken there, but you need to step up your game.

    • Thanks for the insight, but I did forget to mention that after we were leaving the baseball game we were talking about the POF website and she said "I'm probably going to take my profile down." So I said that I was going to as well and I since have. I took that as a pretty good sign that she probably liked me and that we were going to be getting to know each other quite a bit. So that's part of the reason I'm a little baffled. I can't for the life of me figure out why she would stop communicating.

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  • I didn't read all of that shit...

    But I have this to say: Fuck her right in the pussy


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