What does he actually think?

So, I went out on a first date with this guy. We don't know each other at all, and let me mention that it was my first date ever! So we were talking in a cafe for two hours, and he is really nice, kind and sweet. I really like him, to be honest. So he asked me if he could kiss me on the cheek, but I was too shy 'cause there were people. Later, we went on a river. Nobody was there, it was dark, it was raining, and we were listening to music in the car. So he kissed me, but it was my first kiss, even tho he didn't know that 'cause he is older than me and I was to ashamed to confess that since I'm 19. I mean, it's a little too late for first kiss.. So after the kiss was awful, he started to hug me and was so sweet and everything, but I just felt unconfortable. After that he didn't say a word and it seemed strange to me 'cause he was talking whole evening and suddenly he was so silent. I don't know if he didn't like the kiss that much, or he was mad or he thought something else. So when I was getting out of the car he said 'see ya' and that I should text him and that a relationship requires two. But now I am confused. He really liked me at the beginning, but after kissing he was strange and silent. I don't know what to think. I mean, I said to him that I am very shy and that I need just a little bit of time. So what now? I texted him the other day asking 'what's up' but he said he had to take a shower and that we'll talk later so I said to him to text me when he will be in the mood, but he hasn't texted yet. :( Only if I wasn't so shy everything would be better! HELP PLEASE!
PS: Sorry for my English


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  • Don't be embarrassed about not having had a first kiss, I haven't either haha. But anyways, back to your problem, maybe because you were so worried that your first kiss was terrible, you made it seem as if you wern't enjoying yourself with him. He might have thought that he was the problem. So I guess, if you really like him then tell him.

    • Yeah, he asked me if he had done something wrong, but I said it's not about him and that's just me being shy and silly. I said to him that I just need a little bit of time, I mean we have just met!

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    • Well, I thought of asking him that, I just didn't want to be annoying little girl (since he is older than me). I think I will wait a little bit more to see if he will still text me, but if he doesn't I will ask him. Thank you so much!

    • Your welcome :) now if only I could do so myself haha maybe you could help me with my situation?

  • Don't waste your time waiting. He may or may not text back. Just keep living on.

    • Yeah, I was expecting the answer like that. If only I could stop thinking about him... Anyway, thank you for answering!

    • No problem.

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