Am I making the right decision by cutting him off?

It's too much to explain but I think he lost interest after I slept with him because he does not initiate contact with me and just assume that I will. He used to send me snapchats everyday like letting me know what he is up to but he doesn't anymore. He is doing it to other people though. It's been six days, I have contacted him but he doesn't seem interested in my opinion I could be wrong but I trust my guts. This could also be because I was dancing with another guy but would he not at least attempt any contact? I always have to reach out first. Am I overreacting by cutting him off or at least delete him from my snapchat just to show him that I'm sort of done. He isn't busy at all by the way and yes he has his own life too but isn't it weird that he started backing off after sex? Actually even more after I danced with that guy but that isn't a serious problem.


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  • I think it's always best to go with your gut instinct when you have evidence to support it, which in this case, I think you do.

    Relationships can't be one-sided, and if he did just pursue you to get sex, then it's good you're ready to move on, because unfortunately, that's not an uncommon thing young guys (or men of any age) can do.

    He doesn't really sound worth any more time worrying about, and he'll probably call you when he's horny or hasn't heard from you, which I hope by then you will tell him you aren't interested, because you deserve to be treated with more respect than he's currently giving you.

    So what if you danced with another guy. It's not like Don Juan has been spending any time trying to communicate with you or see you, so the hell with him.

    You seem like a bright girl, so go with your instincts on this one.

    Good luck,


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