Girls, Would it be okay to tease her about having cancelled on me twice?

So gal I'm going out with tonight cancelled on me twice before. She had good reasons and both times she apologized a million times and begged me not to get mad.
I told her that she didn't have to apologize to me and not to feel bad, cuz I mean honestly, if I'm making her feel bad then that's the opposite of what I want.
Anyway so she felt pretty bad. Today would it be mean of me to text her, like jokingly. "Jeez so I got this date with this awesome girl today, but she totally nailed on me before, do you think she'll show up tonight?"


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  • I would say no, because you don't want her to think you're rude. If y'all have been dating for a while and she know when you're joking, you can MAYBE do it. It's not certain that she won't think you're rude if you do say it.

    I'd probably avoid it overall, you don't want her running off do ya?

    • Lol that is quite true... I mean we've been friends for a while. Like 5 months now. But I donno i kinda want us to laugh about it so she doesn't feel bad, but if she takes if seriously it'll backfire

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