Does it seem like he likes me?

So I have been talking to this guy for about a month now. We have hung out 2 times and we made out both times. He tells me I am a fun person to be around and the two times we have hung out have been super fun. He is super busy with work and school so we only text a couple of times a day but he always responds and we haven't stopped texting ever since we started texting. He remembers little things about me and has talked to his friend about me but he doesn't really make time for me and doesn't respond to my texts quickly. So is he just not that into me or does he like me?

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  • Like you said "He is super busy with work and school " so him not texting you quickly is justified besides that he seems interested ;)


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  • maybe... but maybe it's just his textin pattern and nothing more... this doesn't mean he doesn't like u of course


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