Tell me what this guy is thinking and what should I do?

Alright so I met this guy via Instagram my best friend has met him before so I know he's not like an ace murder or anything. Anyway we talked for like 3 weeks straight via snapchat all day constantly. I made a mistake the last day that we talked all day and sexted him. It was a mistake I know but we were playing our version of truth or dare and i learned a lot about him and he learned a lot about me and we'll it just escalated. Anyway ever since things have changed. I really want to hang out with him and get to know him but lately I feel like all he wants is for us to hang out and for me to blow him. He knows I'm a good girl and I'm a virgin but I want to tell him that I'm not like that without sounding prude because I'm not prude I just want to get to know him a little better before we do that. I just really think he's a nice guy and he would keep me laughing but I just don't know how to tell him and what I should do please help. Also I know sexting him was a bad idea I don't need a lecture on that I regret it enough.


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  • If he was a nice guy he wouldn't keep pressuring u for sex. He got excited when u sexted him and thinks you want it so tell him it was just fun and your not ready for more. If he goes all Moody then forget him


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