How to date shy guys?

so how do you date a shy guy, i mean when it comes to setting up dates, being touchy, how fast it goes etc

Im currently dating or seeing this guy and he asked me out again, but we haven't decided place or time.
So pretty much eveyr guy i have asked about his behavior tells me it seems like he's a shy guy, and it pretty obvious he is eiter shy or he hasn't done a lot of dating the past.


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  • It really depends on how shy he is. Just keep it in mind when dating him, as I've noticed a lot of women tend to take normal shy guy behavior as signs of rejection or disinterest. For instance there tends to be lots of long pauses in the conversation at first, many women think this is a sign that he is bored, and get nervous. This is the last thing you want to do, as he will take it as a sign that you are nervous because he is not holding up his end of the conversation enough, and you are bored.

    The main thing is to make him feel like you enjoy spending time with HIM, even though he is shy. You may need to be a little more vocal at times, maybe text him first a little more, maybe make a few suggestions, but that is really most of it.

    Being touchy, shy guys typically aren't touchier than most other men, they just actually show their feelings more, instead of say going out and getting shit faced.

    Try texting him saying you are free Sat. (or whenever) and you would love to see him!


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  • he is shy, just give him time to comfortably with you, he will be more outgoing/less shy when you start seeing each other more often

  • Shy guys are very organized usually. You need to find a thing or hobby that he likes. That will gain his confide in you quicker.

    • He likes to Work out, and so do I. . I was thinking maybe a work out date would be fun

    • Yes, that would do wonders for your goal of getting this shy guy to open to you.

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