A guy wants me to visit him to his city but I feel like he was hiding me? should I tell him?

I met this guy when he was travelling in my city with his friends. I didn't get to met his friends, only him and we went on many dates, I know him for a month... now that he is back to his hometown he wants me to visit him, but when he posts his pictures on facebook he didn't post ours, only the ones with his friends and also I never get to met them, which made me feels like he was hiding me? should i tell him why would I go if he is so shady with me?


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  • It sounds like he is Not ready nor raring to Explain you to anyone here, dear, Nor wants it all over FB as well, I can tell. I would not say so much "Shady" but a Reason of his season.
    Approach semi sweetly him and tell him how you feel and before you go and visit him, because you want to make sure with the cost of the trip and your time, that you do not have any sour balls in your mouth in Another... Month.
    Good luck. xx

    • a reason of his season? now we only text. so how can i bring that to subject... i was considering going but because I was planning it but I'm going on my own terms and whenever I want, no according to his needs.

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    • it's his lost. who knows if I'll go, but not because of him. thank u.

    • lol... Good deal then.:)) xxoo

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  • If you don't mind being a side thing for him then why change it. If you're interested in a serious relationship with him then yeah you might want to bring it up.

    • I wasn't very sure of it, until now...

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