Physical contact on dates?

I just felt like I needed to break the physical barrier. Since he's cautious and uncomfortable with PDA (I apologized for making him uncomfortable with the hug but he said it was alright and that he was just awkward), should I just wait until he reciprocates?

Right, so for whatever reason it didn't post the background info.. Our fourth date is tomorrow and the only physical contact we've had was a quick hug I initiated at the end of our last date (he reciprocated, but muttered that he didn't do PDA, but after I apologized he said it was fine and that he was just awkward). He's kind of reserved and timid so but doesn't really show any outward signs of interest in terms of increasing proximity or whatnot.
I just realized how redundant that was. :/


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  • better... he should feel comfortable 1st then in my opinion

    • Yeah, I'm fairly certain he likes me (when I look him in the eye and smile, he chuckles sheepishly and looks away) but I'm also shy and not very touchy-feely either. I like him, but I'm worried that I'm not giving enough signs that I'm interested? I mean, I must be doing something right if he keeps asking me on another date before the current date is even over, but I don't want to screw this next one up if he's waiting for me to give the green light. Do you think the hug was sufficient, or am I giving him the "friend" vibe?

    • if he's askin u for another date guess u can easily say everything's fine then

    • Yeah, you're probably right.. I'm just overthinking this

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