Is his brother mad at me?

I was spending time with my boyfriend in his room and his brother keeps knocking on his door asking him to go outside to smoke with him. I hate how my boyfriend smells after he smokes so I told him he can smoke when I'm not around so he told his brother that but for an hour he keeps knocking on his door bothering me so he just looked at me and rolled his eyes and I just jokingly said "Fuck him" but I said it too loud his brother heard it from outside then he yelled "What do u mean? I'm his brother!" We just didn't say anything after that and I left an hour later is his brother mad at me? I wasn't meant to actually fuck him but he was being rude too for keep bothering me why can't he smoke alone!!! Anyway I don't want his close family memeber to hate me what do I do now?


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  • he should b da one who should speak to his bro. he should tell him 2 not interrupt when u and him r 2gether

  • Sounds like his brother is trying to cock block him out of jealousy and wants to fuck u or at least see you in the buff. The next time his brother wants to smoke whip out your tits and put sex on the table. Sex or cigarettes which will your boyfriend choose?


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