Guys, is my boyfriend bipolar?

My boyfriend tells me he likes.. Im a good girl.. But when he told me he doesn't feel love yet.. We hve bn dating almost 8 months.. he's not romantic but gives me his time.. As time is precious... He says girls are after him but.. He says no.. My guy friend looked him and said im a guy n i dont think any girl hits on me n boots his major ego.. He tells me if i great big assets he will woeship me n love me like no tmrw but then he gets all mad n jealius it seems wen i post pics of my guy friend n asks n inquires a lot about my being.. If says he only likes me.. Whats with the jealousy n insecurity n big talk.. Does not mke sense..

My boyfriend.. Tells me he likes me.. When i asked him if he is fishing arpund.. He says no and if he was.. He wpuld not b wasting his time with me.. It seems to me.. That he is saying the right things.. I have made meals.. Trips for him to keep him happy.. Yet he does not love me.. My boyfriend is nice n honest but will he ever love me like i do for him.. ? ..


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  • Ok, I had a little trouble reading it, but I think I got the majority at least so I will try to explain.
    Especially "My guy friend looked him and said im a guy n i dont think any girl hits on me n boots his major ego." I am interpreting this sentence as "My guy friend looked at him and said "I'm a guy and I don't think any girls are hitting on me" and boosted his [your boyfriend's] major ego. If I misunderstood something, just make a comment and I can fix it.

    He seems like he has an incredibly possessive type personality. He basically wants you all to himself even if he doesn't necessarily love you yet. I don't know how you feel about him, but I would tread cautiously at the very least if you love him. Some boyfriends with this can take a step worse and turn emotionally abusive with jealous anger. People with this type of personality see every guy as a threat trying to steal his woman away.
    I'd also be worried that he is just lusting. If I read this right, you said "He tells me if I [have] great big assets [<-- probably referring to womanly parts] he will worship me and love me like there is no tomorrow." This sounds like he just wants a physical relationship because he is having trouble getting emotionally invested.

    TL;DR; So basically, he is incredibly possessive. I don't think he is bipolar. I would be careful to make sure he doesn't get unreasonable in his demands over you.

    • Wow.. Thnk u so much for breaking it down.. :) .. Yes it sounds he just wants bj... n he does not want to share me bc according to him i give great.. physical stuff.. According to my gfs they say he is not all that as he claims to be.. As well as my other guy friends too agree that.. He is just using me and seem to say the right thingd!! .. Im hoping he likes me and will. eventually fall in love even though it is almost 8 months... He says he gets hit on by girls but nevet does anything.. I want to believe that too!! .. Says im a good girl!! ..

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    • @GrayWolf I'm agreeing with you here and saying that he is fishing. He sounds like he will say anything to keep you around. Some people are smart and know exactly what to say. He may really like the physical aspect of the relationship, but I'm sure you want something more than physical. Judging by the situation, I am afraid he will not really ever come around to emotional investment. "Assets" was just another word for womanly parts.

      Long story short: it doesn't sound like he is being a very good boyfriend. While it sounds like you want him to come around, I don't think he will. I also think you deserve more than this guy, and I think there are better people than this guy too. What he says isn't reflecting how he is acting and all my guy senses are going off here. My guts are telling me is not a guy you want to spend your time on. I don't know how else to say it.

    • Sigh why would he do this wen he knows i hate games or friends with benefits so he lied n he says he is honest... Ironic... Sigh... N the fact he has not msgd me but i kno he always has his phone with him texting people n.. Dont guys always talk to their friends.. Guys...

  • it only takes a few dates with a person to know if your falling for them or not if after 8 months and he still has no love for you, there never will be run while you can he is a lost cause.

    • But why he does not feel it.. I dunno.. I do like him n i hve not msged him. since last nights convo.. He has not msgd me.. Nor invited me to his bro party.. Could he be using me till he gets someone.. I get the feeling he is fishing.. Even though he says no...

    • he is using you yes he is fishing and just telling you what you want to hear move on he is not worth your time.

    • Sigh.. I dont want to b hurt n he knows that... Its hard but im trying. hence no text... Why would he use me and then say im his girlfriend... Is he just saying that bc he knew i would b physical with him.. He says he would hve left me long time if he found someone.. his time is precious... Everytime we meet.. We get physical.. is that bad..

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