Why would a guy tell you he already has a date that weekend? Isn't that kinda rude?

I was talking to a guy but he said he didn't want anything serious so I went on a date with another guy. I said sorry and asked him to go out this weekend. He said, "I already have a date this weekend. I'm sorry but we'll hang out some time soon."


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  • I don't think that it is rude at all, considering you're not dating exclusively. Also... double standards, much? If you went on a date with another guy, why would it bother you that he will go on a date with another girl? Reading between the lines, I feel like you're maybe hoping for him to Change his mind on being serious... I would say don't waste your time, but if you really like him, you could keep seeing him while dating other people - but don't make him a priority in any way or place any expectations on that courtship. In my experience, when a guy tells you he doesn't want anything serious, it doesn't tend to Change over time though. Best of luck!

    • It is double standards. I went out with the guy to make him jealous and while it may have worked. It may have also back fired. I want him to want something serious and it's not going to be from playing games. I get that. I made the mistake. How do I fix it? I didn't reply to his message. Do I just let him go?

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  • Since you have a date, he's playing the same game

    • But I told him it meant nothing. Just a fun guy to hang out with. He says he doesn't care who I date. I tried to make him jealous, yes I made a mistake. But I don't want to text him anymore. Does it sound like he cared or just a player?

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    • You should text him. He'll probably be glad to hear from you

    • I'm just prideful I guess. I don't want him to think I'm desperate since I'm usually the one to make contact with him. I haven't messaged him since he sent that last Tuesday. :/

  • It can be the plain truth.

    • But what do I do? Just wait...

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  • Maybe he was just pissed?


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