Ok this girl and I have been talking for over a week. We met online and we talked for a few days on pof a d now texting. Is she Interested?

We talked on pof for quite a few days until I asked her out and she said yes. Then I got her number and we started texting. She's perfect so far like my dream girl and even my best. Friend who worked with her said she's my soulmate. Thing is she would never really ask me questions as much as I would her. She would always engage the conversation but not escalate it. Well we started playing 21 questions and through that we learned a lot about eachother and now she texts me even more and actually shows more interest. We've talked about sex and how high out sex drives are, we've talked about more personal stuff now. But we aren't sexying or anything and she's asked me questions like hook up or relationship. She's like my dream girl so far and I really hope she's interested. She doesn't flat out show it but she kinda hints about it. She likes all my stuff on Facebook etc. she's a shy laid back and mature woman different from 99% of the women I dated and it scares me. She's not a slut and she's very careful with her decisions. She's 22 and never had a serious relationship for more than 3 months. Is she interested?


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