How do you know if he will never text you Again?

I was talking to this man about four months and Monday I text him saying that there's lack of communication and that it seems like I am more interested in him then me and also I mention in the same text that it seems like he only wanted to see me when it was convenient for him. Hours later he text back saying some of that stuff is true but I have my son with me so so I can't talk right now so I told him get hold of me tonight and that if he didn't then he was showing he wasn't interested in trying to fix whatever this is and never text back. So last night I called I am the type of women where I'm going to try to get answers and he never answer his phone so I delete him off of Facebook because I am like really you can't answer your phone but long story short do you think eventually he will text me or that he never will?

Advice please


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  • You deleted him from Facebook, he noticed that. He probably won't ever call you

    • Well I block him so he probably think I deactivated it Since I do that all the time

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