How to be approachable?

How can I be more approachable for guys like at school or at the mall or the store or places like that.


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  • Well confidence is the 2nd thing guys look at. Head up stand straight don't look at your feet. Okay now what's the 1st thing they look at you ask? Well boys will look at how you look your body. If you don't feel comfortable in your body try the latest style boys love girls that can dress dress dress! Oh and makeup if your parents allow you. Don't cake it on your face look up tutorial for makeup on youtube. Make sure your hair is on point try straightening it or curling it or cutting it dying etc. Make sure you smell good when you are passing a boy that is looking your way you want them to remember you and so you leave them a scent! Try perfume samples from the mall Victoria secret love spell is most of everyone's favorite! DON'T go over board a spray too much! Shave! Shave your legs arms pit etc. Oh and make sure you take showers every day clean ears brush teeth wash hair. Get your nails done boys look at everything! I promise

    • Eyebrows done but that's going to extreme Ahha! Mix and match your wardrobe! Get the latest shoes like Jordan's Sperry... Clothes like Hollister Rue 21

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