Tips for long distance relationship?

So there is this girl i met in a big event that happened in my school last month.
I noticed some signs coming from her, and she was very attractive! It wasn't until last week that i got her wpp number, on a little party that the participants of the event organized. It was pretty fun.
I chatted with her a bit, on the phone and on the party and i think she might still be intrested. She is from another city (far!).

Any tips for someone who just started on this long distance relationship trend?


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  • Take it from me, these long distance relationships can be pretty hard and end pretty badly too. If you or her are naturally controlling people then having a long distance relationship will be hard. I would definitely recommend to keep in contact often, but not to the point where one of you feels they are being suffocated by the other

    • we are not dating yet though.

      you know i am starting to think i am asking the wrong question. as much as i may be asking for long distance relationship tips i want to know more about turning this into an actual long distance relationship

    • Then in that case, it will be harder for her to commit to a long distance relationship because a big part of a successful relationship is spending quality time together ( not through a computer screen) and to actually touch and hold hands and all the things that couples are meant to do

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  • won't work. never does

    • doesn't work because... ?
      maybe the distance itself? in this case it is far but isn't that far. i can just take a 4-5 hour trip in a bus and get there no problem.

    • not enough contact to mantain intimacy

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