How to ask a guy to hold hands? Maybe even a kiss on the cheek?

I want to enjoy the time I have left with my crush, who I am getting close to. It's a little embarrasing asking this so I apologize if I am coming off as a complete noob haha
He is a little bit shy, but we are good friends. He told me he is moving away this summer and I want to spend some time with him, as friends, and maybe eventually show my feelings.
How can you ask a guy to hold hands without it being too weird? And how can you make it less awkward if it's in public?

Thank you guys... I really appreciate your answer :)


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  • Umm the most important thing you need to consider is this:

    He is your friend so... you are asking for romantic responses so... does he have feelings for you? because if he doesn't there is no way to get what you want in the way you want.

    My advice: try to hace some moments with him when you are alone, like in a movie you two only and look deep in his eyes, show him that you like him... and if you are in a movie, try to put your hand in his hand... try to hold it and see what happens... :)

    • I see.. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be thinking about it.

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  • "Would it be very odd if I asked you to well... hold hands?"

    • Haha very straightforward. Thank you :)

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