Guys, I sent a guy I just started chatting to on a dating site some pics of me he had the following responses what does he mean?

1st pic: "cute :)"
2nd pic: "that one is even cuter (and kind of hot)"
3rd pic: ":)"

He then told me I'm "cute enough"

what at does this mean? He doesn't sound overly keen to me, only vaguely interested, what do u think?


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  • "Cute enough" sounds almost kind of condescending, almost like he is just basing you off looks alone. That does indeed make it sound like he is only vaguely interested... almost like he is aiming for a friends with benefits kind of thing.

    Ehh... I wouldn't entirely rule him out as just a guy looking to get laid since this is very little to go off of and judge someone by, but I definitely would tread cautiously. Based only from stuff you just said, it sounds like he is only interested in you physically. To say anything more than that, I'd need to know more about him.

    • He also sent me a shirtless pic of himself lol

    • Ok. After hearing that, I would disregard him as just a guy looking to get laid. I thought maybe he was just trying to complliment you, but the shirtless pic changes things a little. He is definitely in it for simply physical. Tons of guys try to send pics like that when they are either conceited or looking to sext. I wouldn't be counting on him for a fulfilling relationship.

    • Edit: After hearing that, I would disregard him.****He is just a guy looking to get laid.

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  • He's trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings, but yet wants to go out wirh you, with the shirtless pic he's letting you his true intentions.

  • Life is short. Go and get some.


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