Girls, Ex girlfriend said she wants to be friends... What does she mean?

Hi... So, in brief. Me and my ex broke up 4 years ago and was nasty. I refused to take no for an answer and it just pushed her away. With limited contact we went our own ways. Flashback now 3 months. We kinda work together and I tried being nice to win her back but that went nowhere so I gave up and moved on. Treated her like a business associate. Just business. Then 3 months ago I had to call her for work reasons and we chatted for 30min. She carried the conversation. Then 2 weeks after that we meet at a meeting (I'm usually ignored) and she is friendly and bubbly. She even brought material to show me as she knew I would be there. My friends said it seems like she is opening up, why not ask her to lunch. So I did and surprisingly she said yes. Lunch was good and the body language was good. It was like old times. But she never moved to a personal level but remained VERY friendly at work. So I called her bluff and said if she wants to date me. She said let's have coffee and discuss. So I just came back and she said that we have great chemistry, something she never had before. But the breakup made her wary. She wants to do friends. ... I said yes.
But I want more than friends. Does she want friends or is testing the water? She sounds like she misses me and still has feelings. But what does it mean... Ladies, please help.
so an update - She hasn't contacted me at all since. I asked her to see if she wanted to go to a museum (as friends) and she said it's too date like and it feels like I'm pushing... I waited a week and a half before I called after our meeting asking her to the museum.
I went on vacation and it's been over 2 weeks and still no contact - should I bother with her? What's going on with her?
She asks to be friends and then goes silent?
Please help


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  • Just give it time. Be friends with her for a while but kind of give her hints here and there to let her know that you still want her because she most likely does want to get back with you but she wants to build that trust again.


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  • I'm kind of in the same situation with my ex. try starting off as friends first and see where it goes.. but don't become too clingy or act as her boyfriend again.

  • It means she still likes u and hoping that if u guys r friends u would datevher again


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