My boyfriend wants to go with his friends for July 4th?

He wants to go to a different state since his old roommate is visiting family. He said sorry, he didn't think about planning the 4th of July with me. He said it is a free vacation. He gets to hang out with his friends and go to the bars. He was arguing with me why he does feel like meeting my friends. He said he has no common interests. I said I have no common interests with him. He changed to another subject. On the project I am working on.

We just started dating for a few months. I don't mind if he goes with his friends. He can have quality time with them. I feel hurt that he wants to hang out with his friends but don't consider me or how important it is for me to hang out with my friend. I guess it annoyed me. His friends are single but one of his friend is bring a girl back home to show off to his parent. There is like 5 guys going on the road trip.


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  • I would let him go for this trip. Sure, it takes trust to let him go like that with a bunch of his friends, but part of a relationship is just that -- trust. As I see it, it isn't like he doesn't want to hang out with you, but he got a vacation offer from his friends. He can't just leave his friends and push them away simply because he wants to be with you. There is a balance to it all. It will get into dangerous ground if you make an ultimatum as "It's me or your friends."
    As for him not meeting your friends, it sounds like he has met them before? In any case, your friends aren't necessarily his friends. I would keep trying to indroduce them to him, but he doesn't absolutely have to like them in my opinion.

    Oh and I wouldn't be worried about the girl. She'll be with another guy. I can almost guarantee he is probably a decent enough character he wouldn't do anything. Not to mention most guys don't steal girls from their friends.

    Tl;Dr; I suggest trusting him and giving him this trip to be with his friends.


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  • don't let him go!


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