Guys, does a boyfriend like u wen he does this?

My boyfriend of 6 months... Says he does not like telling me everything but its funny how i see him texting his friends.. He is on facebook non stop... using msgr to chat... N for me he won't message.. Until i do.. Whats wrong here? ..


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  • Well, at a minimum, he's taking you for granted.

    He doesn't sound like a boyfriend to me, to be honest. A boyfriend is happy to show his girlfriend attention. He wants to make her happy. He's focused on her and her well being. And he's happy to initiate contact.

    I think maybe now is the time for you to think about what a "boyfriend" should be like. What do you want in a boyfriend? Whatever it is, you can find it.

    This guy doesn't sound like he's worth your time. Leave him to his friends, his computer and his phone, and find a guy who wants to spend his time communicating with YOU. :) Good luck.

    • I know what u mean... He told me he does not feel emotionally connected but says lets go with the flow.. I agrree with u a boyfriend treats his girlfriend like a princess n the fact that its been 2 days n no message from him but he makes time for social media.. Ironic n hurtful!!! ...

    • Yeah, it sounds like a disappointing situation. Take care of yourself. And make sure you're with a boy who will treat you right. :)

    • Thanks.. Im trying..

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