He talks about sex a lot?

In the " talking" stage with this guy and he always brings up sex we'll start off with a normal convo and then he'll some how twist it into telling me all of the things he wants to do to me I'm a virgin he's not. But he does tell me that he wants more than just sex and that he pretty much wants me as his girl he tells me I don't make it easy for him and that he wants me to loosen up when it comes to sexual things.. He's very sweet he calls me pet name calls me beautiful s and it seems like he really likes me. Oh and he told me he would never force me to have sex with him but he just likes to bring it up a lot.. How should I take this?


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  • It's not great. Sounds, at a minimum, immature. He shouldn't do that. It's not respectful or appropriate.

    Frankly, if you were my daughter, I'd tell you to tell him to get lost.

    It's not a good sign when a man feels he needs to say to a girl, "I would never force you to have sex." As opposed to what? Acknowledging that he would rape you? According to his worldview, girls he likes need to be reassured that he isn't a rapist.


    Drop him like a safe. And be careful.


What Girls Said 1

  • As wise as I am,@Glassy, it sounds like he is wet behind the ears in years here, dear, and his mind is in the gutter and all he thinks about is Your... Purity, let's say.
    He will say all sorts of Sweet Tweet Nothings in your ear to get what he craves for. However, with you being the juiciest apple way at the top of the tree, you are a Chase, a Challenge right now, and the hardest piece of fruit to get and to grab.
    I am betting my bottom buck that if he got what he wanted, you would be not so tasty. I also feel that he is Not Ready Nor Raring for a Real Relationship and he is just this fly by night, not wanting to be birds of a feather with any Nice girl.
    You deserve better so don't be sold on this salesman.
    Good luck. xx


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