From breakup to new relationship how soon is too soon?

Hey peepz
So here's my situation 3 and a half weeks ago i broke up with my boyfriend of 17 months he was way too clingy and obsessive and he lives in a different city. Anyway an old mate who I met 2.5 years ago recently in the last few days asked me to hang out we spend heaps of time cuddling and reminiscing and we kissed I no I'm only a month off turning 18 but I really like him I would date him but I just don't know how soon is too soon to pursue another relationship like when is socially acceptable but I don't want ridicule like my friend for changing Boyfriends often.. what's socially acceptable,? I don't know as all my relationships were bad ones and I regret them all xx


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  • I guess there is no specific number that you can say. It will just be when you are ready. Some people don't like being single and some people do so it's just down to you. Everyone is different and i guess you don't want to turn down something that feels right just because of a time rule.

  • my opinion is that time is all what you make it. If you feel your in the right place and you can confidently say it then go for it! But if you're not friends with benefits after a break up is totally good, you just should make sure all feelings are on the same page. I found myself best after getting my heart broken and focusing on me and though I wanted someone in my bed at night when I was lonely, there was nothing more fulfilling going into my next relationship with confidence and me as a happy person at the place I was at.


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