How do I politely respond to this guy who approaches me quite aggressively?

I've been seeing this guy. We are both business people and I am aware that business men/women can be at times aggressive, I am Caucasian and he is Asian. However, at times if he asks to see me and I tell him I'm busy, he will keep sort of pestering and ask if I'm of work. I am understanding of the fact that it is common for some Asian men to be the dominate one and to take the lead, however as a westerner and even as a girl, in our culture you are taught to take the lead as a well and make a life for yourself (also in regards to relationships). Sometimes, my feisty behaviour comes out and I just want to say 'listen up, respect

Respect that I said no*


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  • if you are not interested in him, could you try one of the business strategies - just brush him off by staying busy and concentrating on your work - aka non available to him at all. If he keeps pushing, you may need to address it in a more direct way - as harassment policy of your company might be at stake as well. If you like him you may wish to consider a more sophisticated approach :)

  • Aggressive men can be a pain. I tend to avoid them. However that being said I have encountered a few. I think you should get feisty and say respect that I said no. You're trying to be understanding of his cultural mannerisms and he should do the same for yours. If you start biting your tongue all of the time it will only bleed.