Girls would you bother texting if?

Would you bother texting a guy you just met on tinder if you didn't like him? she's texting but often taking ages between texts, even though it says she's been active recently on tinder. Is it because I dont always text back instantly? But thats only becasue im actually busy, im not using tinder while not texting back. Also she doesn't really ask questions, it seems always left to me to carry the conversation on, but then when I dont she will then ask something. Im confused
its really annoying she's replying, just being long and not asking me much about myself, and its boring me. Im of having to keep asking new things. if she didn't like me she can just not reply!!!


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  • She is probably not that interested.


What Guys Said 1

  • so how much time does it take for u to text back bro?

    • its varys, tbh it seems like If I take a little long she will takes ages, but if I respond instantly she's usually pretty fast. Like she's trying to be longer than me, but it make me just feel like she's not interested

    • i guess chances r she responds everytime she's seein it

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