Girls, Girl is usually pretty touchy towards me, but she was much less so on our first date, is that a bad sign?

Throughout the day she did make several references to next time and later on tected me that she had a great time.
I don't know it was my first date in tears, wgat do you make of it?
Actually hardly touchy at all she elbowed me once (playfully) and hugged me at the end of the night.


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  • She was probably feeling nervous. It was your first date, so it's kind of expected.

    • So then maybe it's a good sign?
      I donno she seems confident but she's also the one that approached me first... So she's probably into me quite a bit.
      I'm just pretty awkward so it's weird to think maybe she was nervous but then again she did great at making me feel comfortable.

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    • It depends. There are girls who have a habit doing that because they don't want to make the guy feel bad. Arrange a date next week. If she claims she is "busy" it means she is not that interested. If she says yes, then she is interested.

    • Well I actually know for a fact she'll be very busy next week. But I'll try for two weeks then. It's just hard to get a read on her... It seriously stresses me out at times.

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  • She's probably just reeeeeeally nervous. dont worry I'm sure she still wants the d

    • Lol I mean I don't see her as the type of girl to be nervous, when we walked into the restaurant she said table for two and even made the order. I mean she apologized for doing both those things (even though I appreciated it) but like she really seemed comfortable. I mean she knows I haven't dated much, and she was doing a lot to make me more comfortable honestly...

    • If she texted you saying she had a great time than she means it. If she didn't have a good time she wouldn't have messaged you at all. So you're good don't worry.

    • Lol good point I guess I'm just nervous.

  • She may have been holding back a bit. Maybe she felt like she was a bit too touch feely at first and wanted to save it till later if that makes sense, as it was only your second date?


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