Im insecurity is causing me to over analyzse everything he does and it stresses me out. Help?

so i have been burned when it comes to guys, thinking they liked me, not being able to find a guy i like etc. I didn't really meet guys before i was 18 i think, but i was very insecure and shy.. and did meet a lot of assholes. Now i know what i want, and i have confidence in myself, but when ot comes to dating im still very insecure.

And im currently talking to a guy for about 3 weeks, we have been on one date, but its obvious he wants to met me again. he is a really great guy, we have a lot in common and he's cute. But a part of me is paranoid that things aren't going to work out, as it always seems to do, and its kinda stressful because im always questioneing and over analyzing his behavior.

Its not healthy for my me to react like im doing.. so any advice?


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  • You should relax. Life is quite short to be stressed over minor things.


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