Should I keep texting her?

I have been texting this girl for awhile, had her at my place thats Thursday, It went pretty well I could tell she was interested, but we couldnt plan a 2nd date because she works everyday this week and Saturday is the 4th and she made plans. I dont want or I'm not sure if I should just keep asking how her day was to keep conversation going. I know in the begining as a guy i should be doing all of the initating, but I'm unsure because I don't want to seem annoying or desperate and at the same I dont want her to lose interest. Not sure what to do.

Also Im wondering if she is waiting on me to iniatiate because she is playing hard to get and wants to know for herself if I am truly interested


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What Girls Said 1

  • You should definitely text her, but be cautious with the amount. If you know she's busy or working just wait and text her when she's most likely in a good position to have a text chat back and forth. She'll definitely know you're interested, but she won't feel like she's gotta juggle the phone and whatever she's busy doing so she can talk to you 'cause you text at inconvenient times. If ya keep in contact through text it'll be natural when you ask her for a 2nd date after this week when she has some free time! :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe it just catches them off guard and they don't know how to respond... especially guys I would say... but it's a safe assumption to say people don't know how to deal with that from you.


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