Is he ignoring me on purpose?

This guy is ignores me from time to time, he will talk then ignore, then talk then ignore. He would say things like too bad you missed your chance sleeping with me, (i dont want to sleep with him) and then he be like, i like you and when you're wet enough let me know (if i want to sleep with him) and then he'll ignore me. I drew a potrait of his face, first time he responded, second he ignored it. Why is doing it? if he doesn't like me, why doesn't he just say so? and he ll say things like we have to keep on moving forward and after that he won't block my number or delete it.


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  • I don't know... perhaps he thinks that if he ignores you it'll make you wonder about it, miss him and accept his invitations to sleep with him.


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  • Because he knows he can get under your skin. He knows you fancy him


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