I don't know how to talk to a guy I'm interested in?

Personally, I am the type of girl who is just one of the guys. I have a lot of guys friends and I am comfortable talking to them. However, this is not always the position I want to be in. Sometimes I don't want to be considered "one of the guys". I just don't know how to act or text or talk to a guy I like because it feels like I am always in the automatic friendzone. I can attract a guy; I just can't get them to stay.


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  • I am the same way, I can attract guys but I just can't make them stay. My sister told me that I should just be myself and let them decide. If it continues to happen then I need to be more feminine or I need just take a second and look at myself, and if I see anything guyish or boyish, try and make it more feminine so I could switch up from time to time. I hope this helped a little bit.