Can I ask a girl I'm close with on a date while hanging out?

A girl i think that may like me were supposed to hang out and i wanna ask her on a date soon but when im hanging out with her how could i ask her if we could start dating/going out? And how many days in advance to set up the day to hang out?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, sure you can.

    • Do you know the best way. Like lets say your about to take her home or are with her when hanging out? And how long would you say in advance to ask her to hangout.

    • Call her, arrange a "we are hanging out" date and proceed to kiss her.

    • Over the phone? like I'm just wondering how to ask her on a date after were done hanging out

What Guys Said 1

  • so for how long r u friends together?

    • Well we've been friends for a while but she seems to flirt with me and told my friends she thought i was really cute, nicest person and blushed about it. She was busy before and wasn't able to hang out last week but said to let her know. Is it better to call or text to hang out? Because i eventually wanna ask her to go out but I'm gonna hang out first. Any ideas

    • it doesn't matter actually... if u feel more comfortable via textin then it's ok in my opinion

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