Trying to get my first date?

Hello, I'm 22 years old and never had a girlfriend. I've also never been on a date, not even a pity date. I graduated from a top 15 college/university with a degree in finance I currently work as a budget anyalst for a well know financial firm. Yet good looking guys working fast jobs can get plenty of girls.

Every time I ask out a girl it's either I'm not her type or a straight up no. I just want the simple things, like texting her good morning sunshine, holding hands and kissing her forehead. I'm atractive so it's hard to get a girl. I'm doing great besides that, a good career and my health. How can I get a girlfriend?


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  • Are you satisfied with yourself and your life without a girlfriend? Because you will not be able to attract a partner unless you are a fulfilled and actualized person.

    • I am. I hope to have a wife and kids one day but if not I'll be ok. I have a nice job, I'm 22 and I a career, most of the girls who rejecting me are dating guys in dead end minimum wage jobs with no education/trade skills

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    • Even during my college years, they'll still be dating the high school dropout at the mcdonalds down the street from campus as opposed to the guy from their dorm/class. I'm hoping it's just these girls being young and dumb. Maybe in a few years they'll see me as a nice catch?

    • I think the problem is that you're only attracted to the obvious sorority girl type or something. A woman with ambition would see you as a good catch (unless your personality sucks, which, not knowing you, I can't judge).

  • Go out, socialize, expand your social circle. Maybe try not to focus so much on getting a girlfriend but more so on actually meeting girls and then see where it goes from there, because when you go out with getting a girlfriend being your end goal, then that's what you are going to project and act towards a girl, which may seem like too much too fast. Ask your friends to introduce you to other girls. You could always try out tinder if all else fails.


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  • Just keep trying and put your best foot forwards no matter what and sooner or later you'll get a girlfriend

  • everyone says patience but also everyone here has probably had no issue with this

    i'm sure nobody here can give you actual advice because they can't relate

    when people say just wait someone will come they go off of their experience of how they know plenty just not the one they like enough (especially women)

    this is BS man you could have had a girlfriend 7 years ago and every year around that time unless you are extremely unattractive

    what i noticed about women tho is it has almost nothing to do with your personality and almost 100% how where and when you get to know them and as long as you meet the girl's standard of attractiveness

    all you have to do is literally throw yourself out there... try every chance you can have no shame and no fear... because sure you'll get totally rejected (like all men) probably 90% of the time but really in your situation you only need one acceptation... i mean when i wanted a girlfriend i found that most of these women and i could easily date no issues but the fact that we met weird or had a bad early experience caused a cascade of issues... it's retarded but women like literally will date pretty much anyone as long as you get to know her in the right way

    and since you have a stronger career than 99% of anyone anywhere that should really help counter any flaws of yourself


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