What do you think about promise rings for pre-engagement for freshman in college? Crazy or sane?

So my boyfriend of 2 years expressed that he wants something more than verbal word that we're together. He's already mentioned his intentions of us being together for many many years, but we both definitely understand that we are way too young for marriage right now. We'll both be going into our freshman year of college this fall and will be at the same institution, great, right? But next year I'll be transferring and we will be a good hour and a half apart. I suggested that we get promise rings to help us solidify our loyalty and committment to eachother, and also to make potential suitors aware that we are both off the market.

So what do you think about promise rings? Should we get promise rings, or go all the way and just get engaged? And do you think this is a reasonable compromise for Freshman college students?


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  • Are you going to a 4 year or 2 year school? If a 4 year school you'll break up. This will be a time in your life where you're thrown into the wild and meet new people.

    • We're going to a two year college.

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    • Engagement is out of the question, I already said that. We know that's not a rational idea until after we've both graduated.

    • I have no issue with promise rings, it's like a mini pre engagement. If you are serious as you seem, you'll be fine

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  • Why would that be bad? It's nice.

    It's just weird when like, 15 year olds do it.
    You guys sound actually serious.

  • I think the promise ring idea is great actually! Getting engaged can become expensive and sometimes the parents can get upset with this idea and disagree with you. Promise rings are great because it is saying that you know that you will be together and that your relationship is strong but you have decided to wait to get engaged until you have the financial stability or anything else made you choose to wait.


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