One of us has the wrong idea? Please Help , I'm not sure how to handle this?

This kid , I talked to a month ago we have known eachother for years being that his sister is my close friend and all. Well anyways we where talking and eventually we started flirting without knowing it , the next day we went swimming but it was too cold for the rest of our friends so they just left , I sorta dragged him in so me and him stayed and he was all over me in the water. We texted the next few days and flirted then the next time we saw eachother he had no reaction to me , I thought I was going crazy weeks passed and he has been texting me about 3 times a week flirting and when we get alone time he likes to touch me but only when we are alone any other time he acts as If nothing between us ever happend he even flirts and talks about how hot other girls are right in front of me. I agreed to allow him to tuch me but I thought we where going to be something, and I still want that but I'm not sure how to get it. This has been going on for a month now. And it's not like our friends would judge us for being together we are all close friends and honistly I think a few of them would expect it. And I don't think I'm that unatractive. Why is he doing this? Why am I going along with it?


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