Small questioning moments?

My boyfriend asked, "Did I tell you that I had dinner with my sister yesterday?" I say yes. In my head I am thinking you told me about this past weekend, the day before, and the day of. He tells me, "O ok. It was my boss I hadn't told. I am sure she is dying to know. She hasn't asked yet." I am like ok. You got a new job a month and half ago and your boss is dying to know? Why does that sound weird. I don't know. I know I over think but sometimes things just sound odd. I should learn to ignore little things and just be happy. Yes, I over think everything and I know that. I have had a bad relationship before that I ended up allowing myself to stay in and become insecure about everything. I am learning to over come all that and be me again.


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  • No, it's normal to question things that are THAT weird. Because it was kind of weird. :)

    Next time just tell him, "Yeah, you've told me three times," and ask, "Why would your boss want to know that? And why would she be dying to know?" There's nothing wrong with asking questions. :)


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