How do I go about pursuing this him?

Long story short...
-We had sex and before hand he told me he was nervous because he gets attached way too easily and quickly.
-There is a lot more physical contact passed between us. He's constantly touching me in a non sexual way.
-He distances himself whenever another man shows interest in me.
^He has been getting hurt super easily over this.
-He hasn't been making a lot of contact with me since the sex but we see each other a lot more though sex has not happened again.
-I let his buddy sit in front when he was giving me a ride home yesterday and he looked super hurt about it and reached back to hold my hand at one point.
-He won't tell me how he feels.
+I really like him and would like to see us get closer. How do I go about it?


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  • Action speaks loudet than words. He guess you already understand

    • What do you mean? How do I go about it?

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    • Okay thanks!

    • That would save you from sounding needy or too cheap. Trust me.

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