Dealing with suffering and jealous in long distance relationships?

Hello everyone,
I'll try to be descriptive, so read patiently
I met a girl in February 14th of this year, by twist of fate, and since then we've been together. We had no trouble, everything was too good to be true, she has proven me that I can trust her, that there'll be no betrayal and that's true, we're fine about this, the only thing about her is her lack of communication sometimes, but I came to the conclusion that this is just the way she is.
But here's the bad thing, she moved 2 weeks ago to another city, where she had the opportunity to make money with 3 other girls, it's like a start up thing. We agreed that we'd be together until she comes back. When? Well, here's the worst part, I'm traveling to another country by August, to stay a year, so the plan is that she's returning before that, so we can enjoy the most we can our last moments. She even asked me "Please, you are not making out with anyone there, are you?". Since then, her abscence of communication became higher, she doesn't tell me what she's doing, where she's going and etc. She always answers me eventually, but it takes too much time, sometimes 2 days to say a single word and when she finally says something, it's not rich in information. So I start to think all the bad possible, start to feel anger, jealous, etc. But then, to the confort of my heart, she says something to tranquil me and let me know that she still loves me and she's saving money for the return. I fell like I'm throwing everything in the trash with all my jealous comments. I'm trying hard to deal with this distance and communication thing and don't break anyone's heart. I told her everything I was feeling, her answer was "I don't want you to be trapped by me, I don't feel trapped by you. You know I like you, be tranquil." It was awesome to read this, but it doesn't lower the suffering of her absence.. :/ Am I too jealous? Is she too away? Any idea on how to deal with this?



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  • End the relationship. This is just another nail in the coffin.


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