How much time should you spend away from home , overnight with your boyfriend? I'm starting to stay every night. Think I should limit sleep overs?

OK So I love spending time with him. And I hate when he's not around. I feel like BC I stay the night over there so much I'm getting overly attached. Is there a such thing? I mean he never wants me to leave. But I feel like I need time to myself aswel for personal health.. And shit. But then he's all sad when I tell him I wanna stay at my own house for once. I'm on summer break and I've spent every night at his house. Its the 4th day of break. And I'm planning on cutting down to about 3 times a week ONLY. and on the 4 that I stay at my house... He's welcome to come spend time with me.


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  • Limit the sleepovers. For a few reasons. 1. You are dating, not married. Spending every night can often lead to codependency and, if a breakup occurs, it will be harder to get over. 2. You and he need personal space, or eventually this may lead to smothering each other--it happened to me. 3. Getting too used to each other while dating can lead to the excitement of seeing each other being diminished. There is something to be said for "absence makes the heart grow fonder". 4. Never lose the ability to be OK with being alone sometimes--even when married. Eventually someone is going away, and you will need to know how to cope with that. You said he is always welcome to come spend time with you. I assume this means he stays at your house. Again, be careful and see the points above. Be careful not to confuse love with infatuation. That's my take.

    • Thank you so much. I'm having a hard time getting him too understand my point of view. Mainly BC I make up excuses on why I wanna stay home sometimes instead of just saying I need my own personal space. I just need to be upfront and honest ! Or maybe I'll just screen shot what you said and show it too him lol

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