Girls, Affordable & Romantic Date Suggestions?

What's your idea of a romantic date that doesn't break the bank? :)


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  • Evening picnic, one time he borrowed his Dad's big 4WD truck and took us up in the hills to a really pretty meadow. We laid in the back of the truck on an air bed and sleeping bags (he hid them under the bed cover tarp thing) we watched the meteor showers most of the night, amount other activities. He packed Chicken Kiev, grilled veggies, French cut green beans and Moon Pies for desert, with sparkling cider in fancy fluted glasses. He has surprised me a few times with some really special romantical dates like that. Low cost but, really high on my romantic scale!

    We are just a little over an hour to the ocean, where my parents have a Beach Cabin, we've snuck to the cabin for some really sweet times usually have some sort of special meal to go with things which we either cook at home and take or grab something along the way and cook at the cabin. Sometimes we stay the night and others we come back home depending on whatever else is happening.

    Things don't have to be elaborately fancy to have a romantic time together, mostly it's just finding the time, place and being together doing something fun!


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  • I think it would be really sweet & affordable to have a quiet picnic in the park (or somewhere quiet and shady). You get to show off your cooking skills and it's more intimate way to share a meal together. Maybe you could also pack a ball to toss around or Frisbee for some down time. Or maybe spend the day at a local lake/swim hole.

  • A quite night in for two. Cook an amazing dinner, chill out, and have fun, or go for a night stroll around after dinner, and just go with the flow.

  • Okay, ready for this? Lol
    •breakfast for dinner
    •coffee date
    • bowling
    •bake cookies together
    •popcorn & redox
    •visit another town
    • have lunch at a cafe
    • rollerskating
    •bike ride around the city
    •go to a book store
    •cloud watching
    •make ice cream sundaes
    • sensual back rub
    • dessert only date
    •do a fun project together DIY
    •visit a local farm
    •drive in movie
    • hike in the woods
    •go for ice cream
    •DIY T-shirts
    •fondue at home
    •Go fruit picking
    •go out for drinks
    •watch the sunrise with donuts/ sunset with... donuts!
    •go for a scenic drive
    •yard sales
    •Star gazing ♡
    •campfire & smores
    •make kites and go fly them


  • Picnic in the park, netflix, spending all day in bed, walks, getting a beer, cooking something cheap at home, pizza night.

  • Honestly going to a diner. Getting a milkshake for two and possibly some fries.

  • Home cooked meals are great. Even if you're not a great cook, you can make something simple. If you have a deck or balcony, it's great weather for eating out at night while the sun sets and the sky is a beautiful red.

  • Picnics, just hanging out like let's say.. swimming? Stay at home, order or make your own pizza, movies, board games, watching the fireworks

  • I don't know.

  • I love like arcade game dates where you can be silly and play shooting games, car games etc
    Going for drives is another one of my favourites and usually well stop somewhere super random on the way or way back
    Depending on the time of the year I like the beach or swimming at the lake
    If you know any good look outs go there and get Ice cream or take something to eat and sit on the hood of your car and enjoy the view
    Cook on your date or cook together