Am I in the wrong here?

She started to let her walls down. We got close. Then she had a family member pass away. I gave her space and we got back in touch. Understandable. I let it be and did my best trying to organise ways to try cheer her up but got continually shut down.

I told her it was ok and asked if things were alright between us. She said she is at odds right now and we're better off being friends. I told her thats ok and am giving her space.

I ended up going out that weekend and had a one night stand and word spread and everyone found out and I'm now getting the stink eye from everyone.
  • You're a jerk. She still likes you but has too much on your plate
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  • Nah, she let you go, it's a big world out there
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  • Well you both agreed on the taking a break yes?


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