What are some good ideas for a first date?

So I'm considering asking my crush out but I need ideas of what we should do.
(I'm a guy and she's a girl by the way if that helps)


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  • lol well why dont you both find a nice pub that does meals and have a nice pub meal together and be yourselves one of my boyfriends did this on our first date and then once we had our meal since the pub was by a river we went for a romantic walk along the river and i really injoyed the evening


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  • Wear a suit and look good. Bring a bouquet of flowers, and go to the Keg. After the Keg go to Starbucks coffee and each of you buy a latte. Then go to the cinema and watch Jurrasic World. She may jump in your arms whenever she is frightened by the film. Then go to Best Western and book a room. Dont have regular casual sex with her, have passionate love with her. Then in the morning after both of you got ready go to Pancake house and stuff your bellies. After you're both full she says ' I just remembered I'm not on the pill ' then you say its ok, I am sterile anyways


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  • Okay, here's a list of some things! :)
    •coffee date
    • bowling
    • have lunch at a cafe
    • rollerskating
    •bike ride around the city
    • dessert only date
    •drive in movie
    •go for ice cream
    •Go fruit picking
    •go out for drinks
    •go for a scenic drive
    •Star gazing ♡
    •campfire & smores


  • Bowling, going out for ice cream, going out to a movie (if you go to the movies not much time to talk)

  • outdoor dining would be great to give bth of you the time to get comfortable.


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