Should I tell him I love him drunk?

We have a weird specific situation. I can't really admit my feelings to him without it being a bunch of drama but there has been this crazy tension between us for years and we have secretly been seeing each other for almost a year. I have been afraid to say I love him because if it gets out we will probably have to end it. So I thought about it and I figure maybe if I do it while I'm drunk I can get the point across while giving me a reasonable excuse if something happens? I just really want him to know how I feel..
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  • It won't mean the same if you're drunk. If anything he'll dismiss whatever you said simply because you've been drinking.


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  • Honestly you suould tell him sober. Is it really worth being with someone for so long and having them not feel the same way? I would tell him that you like him a lot. See his reaction, if he reciprocates the feelings, Then tell him that you love him. On the other hand if you really do want to do it under the influence, I'd play my cards right. You might say more than you bargain for.


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  • Yeah you can, whats the problem? That will also give him courage for him to make you love him sober

  • it can help a little


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