Says he loves me after 2nd date?

Really unnerved by the behaviors of a man I've met twice, he lives in the same neighbourhood and I didn't know much about him, he asked me out and i was delighted, however after date 2, he told me he loved me, I was shocked, I placed some distance between us, I have children and I'm doing my degree, once we met I established that he hasn't worked in over 10 years, he's 36, he never finished high school and can't drive, to be honest I just didn't want a man that didn't have a good work ethic, anyway, he has messaged relentlessly for the past 4 weeks, asking to have a relationship, has mentioned marriage 3 times. Surely this isn't normal?


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  • can't drive? has not worked in 10 years. Never finished High school?

    Unless he's handicapped, this sounds like a horrible deal. wtf.

    • I'm just afraid he will be dependent on me, he has no disability, I have 5 children, 2 have severe disabilities, I guess the thought of another person needing a lot from me feels draining, thanks for your answer.

    • How do you live with 5 kids including 2 disabled ones ALONE? Jesus Christ...

      Yeah tell this guy to get a job first..

    • Lol Its a busy life

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  • Run, woman, run!


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  • Wow that is really quick and daymn. Yeah it's abnormal and he probably wants you as marriage fail #4

    • I do sense that he falls very easily, his last girlfriend was 50, I think it may be more the appeal of actually being in a relationship as opposed to liking an actual person, thanks for your views

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