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I go clubbing every weekend. For over a month this guy has been telling our mutual friends that he's into me (at the club). I'm into him too, but i was waiting and waiting for him to make a move. Finally my friends pushed him into doing something cuz they knew i wouldn't. He then made the first move and spoke to me. he was very caring, making sure i was ok and holding my hand by the end of the night. We said bye but then didn't exchange numbers.. which really pissed me off, i could tell he wanted to but was shy.
The next day my friend told me that my guy texted him that i was on his mind!!! i'm so happy about this but now what... i don't even know when i'll see him next, and i dont want this to be some one night flirt. should i have my friends hook something up or?
Whats my next move!! take into consideration that i'm shy


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  • You could ask your friend for his number and call him.


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  • Ummm talk to him?

    • other than mutual friends I have zero contact with this guy. obviously i would talk to him if he was around. but i rarely see him which is what my whole question is based on!!

  • "I'm shy". Ugh. hen just let it go.

    • "Not helping". perfect name.

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