Guys, Is he interested? Really need second opinions?

So, the thing is I've been seeing this guy for just over a month. We've had quite a few ups and downs already, I went on a girls holiday kind of thing and after I came back we were supposed to make it official but instead he said he didn't want a girlfriend and so we stopped talking for about two weeks until two nights ago he messaged me around 11 and said he was going on a walk and asked if I'd like to come. We ended up sitting at the beach together just talking till about 5am and near the end he asked if I wanted a hug so we started cuddling and I kissed him, so we were kissing for about 20 or so minutes and then he said we should go home so we walked back and he hugged and kissed me again when he was leaving. The next day I messaged him and he never said anything about the night before and it was just kind of small talk and he hasn't spoken to me at all today. I'm so confused, do you think has the same mindset of not wanting a girlfriend or it could have changed? He knows that I still have feelings for him, so could he just be using that? (Sorry for the long story-like paragraph)


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