Should she seee him?

I've been dating my Girlfriend for a month now and it's been going great.

Recently her EX who she is still friends with tried to break us up and it almost worked.

Even after this she still insists on hanging out with him (alone after school). She says she always hangs out alone with her friends and she says she won't break him off completely because she's known him for a long time. She also says me coming along would be awkward, and unnecessary, and the friend would probably want to go home.

But it hurts me a lot that she is spending time alone with someone who just tried to break us up and is her ex, and she knows he likes her but she said she talked to him.

What should I do? I already tried talking to her once (read up).


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  • Well you can't stop her, so let her hang with him...then you go hang with a really good friend that is a girl alone and tell her about it or just lie and say that you did, by doing this well let her feel how you feel and most likely it will be unsettling to her and just say calmly I didn't know there was anything wrong with me doing that you did ? And say it calm and sweet and she probably say like I told you he just a good friend bla bla bla but that will make her think...I just like if I was hanging with a really good friend I'm insisting to see him alone like that's saying something...


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  • no. it's not ok. it seems like she still has feelings for him. if she doesn't respect you enough to simply not hang out alone with him, then she doesn't sound like the right girl for you.

  • That's bs she still wants him, think of it this way if you were in her position and you told her I always hang with my friends alone which happens to be a x of your what would your motives be?...she still wants him and she could atleaset come up with a more believable reason I'm a girl I know

    • But she insists that he's a good friend she's known for a long time and refuses to not hang out with him.

      What should I do?

  • She probably likes the attention he is giving her, that is why she still wants him to be around.


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